That Wasn't In My Textbook

5 Things We Should Know About Thanksgiving: Debunking the BS

Episode Summary

Most of us were fed the same feel-good Thanksgiving story in school. BUT that version of the Thanksgiving story is mostly FALSE and based on myths. Listen to learn the truth about this “historic” day, so we can have a woke and conscious Thanksgiving!

Episode Notes

Many of our textbooks tell this beautiful story of Thanksgiving Day being a historic fest that took place in America in 1621 where Pilgrims and colonizers broke bread together in peace and harmony. While it sounds beautiful many Historians have pointed out that the events surrounding the real Thanksgiving don't match up with the stories in our textbooks. 

In this episode, we debunk 5 myths of that textbook Thanksgiving story to uncover the truth. This episode is not going to make you feel bad about enjoying eatin’, drinkin’, and celebratin’ with your fam. It’s just going to help you have a more woke and informed celebration that acknowledges the Indigenous groups aka the original occupants of this land. 

Listen to this episode to find out:

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